Getting to ContextART


The workshops are held at Korowal School, 54 Hall Parade, Hazelbrook, NSW 2779.


ContextART workshops are held at Korowal School, 54 Hall Parade, Hazelbrook.


Hazelbrook is located approximately 20 minutes East (by road) from Katoomba and 1hr 20 minutes West from the centre of Sydney.


There are numerous train services from Central Station in Sydney to the desired stop (Hazelbrook station) in the Mid- Blue Mountains. Look for the Blue Mountains Line and be sure to click on the right information for which direction you’ll be going – towards Sydney (‘Lithgow to Central’) or away from Sydney (‘Central to Lithgow’). Trains run on the hour with more frequent trains (every half hour, or every 20 minutes ) in peak times.

From Sydney the trip takes 1.5 hours to the mid-Blue Mountains & Hazelbrook Station (closest to where the workshops are located). It takes 2 hours to get to the Leura/Katoomba area. It’s the same in reverse (to Sydney). Please note that most stations involve stairs and do not have lifts. The exception is Katoomba Station which does have a lift.



Bear in mind that it’s a cheap taxi ride to Korowal School from Hazelbrook station and if you (and 2-3 others) feel stuck just ring a taxi. A generic phone number for taxis is 131 008 or try the local number: 4782 1311. It is wise to ring ahead as there are not a lot of taxis in the Blue Mountains. The drivers are very nice and just as prompt as they can manage to be with warning.

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