Artist in Residence – Jude Skeers

We are pleased to announce that this year Blue Mountains based artist Jude Skeers will be joining us as artist in residence over the weekend at ContextART 2017.

Jude Skeers is a self-taught textile artist working exclusively with hand knitting. He has been knitting since his youth and has had several major exhibitions of his knitted webs, trees and other sculptures.

Judes current work explores cubes, dodecahedrons and tetrahedrons created from circles. He is using wire, glass, thread, fencing wire and perspex to reinvent his 30-year-old iconic web. Old techniques created in modern materials, light reflective ribbon and thread, cotton coated stainless steel wire.

During his weekend as Artist in Residence at ContextART, Jude will continue with preparations for his November Exhibition ‘Something/Nothing’ at Braemar House and Gallery in Springwood.

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